It’s not too late to make a quick plan and come to enjoy New Year and your Season’s holidays in Belgrade.

While a small part of the population celebrates Christmas on December 25th, mostly it’s celebrated on January 7 (the Julian calendar), with it’s own traditions. That means you can celebrate your own traditional Christmas and then come and celebrate New Year and the Orthodox Christmas in Belgrade.

However, thanks to being a communist country until the eighties, Santa Claus and the family dinner usually take place at New Year’s eve (Dec. 31.), followed by parties all across the city as well as in clubs and private houses.

There’s also an Orthodox New Year (New Year’s eve on Jan. 13), but it’s mostly about party and fireworks. Until recently, it was a holiday of it’s own, but a few years ago it lost that status.

Days before and after New Year and the Orthodox Christmas, many events take place on the streets and squares of downtown Belgrade, such as the “Open Heart Street”.

These events are organized by the City Council under the new slogan: “BE CHARMED, BE UNIQUE, BE IN BELGRADE”.

Learn more about the program at: Tourist Organization of Belgrade or

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Warning: Beware the firecrackers and other pyrotechnical stuff

Serbs like their celebrations loud, and a few weeks before and after new year, firecrackers bang all around the city. If you have a weak heart, try wearing antiphons. 😉

Christmas photos of downtown Belgrade