Shopping in Belgrade can be a real pleasure, but can also be really frustrating. You can find almost anything, as long as you know where to look for it. There’s something for everybody, from cheap markets to exclusive international brands, and the best thing is that there are even shopping zones based on the type of product, price span, etc. you’re looking for.

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Green markets

There are numerous green markets in the city offering a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, usually surrounded by butcher shops, bakeries, and in many cases serving also as a mini flea market.

The most popular ones are Zeleni Venac, Skadarlija (Bajlonijeva) and Kalenić.

Flea markets

There is one large flea market – “Buvljak” at New Belgrade and another equally big and usually cheaper at the nearby town of Pančevo (accessible by bus or BeoVoz trains). There’s also a large Chinese trade center / flea market at Blok 70 (Novi Beograd). There are a few other flea markets in the surrounding towns and villages, and some flea market areas in several downtown green markets.

Shopping malls

The largest and most popular shopping malls in the city are Ušće, Delta City and Mercator, all in New Belgrade. There are also several “old style” shopping centers, the most popular being Piramida, Čumić and Banjica. Two new huge shopping malls were opened recently, and a couple more are under construction.

Shopping zones

Depending on your preferences, when shopping for clothes or home accessories, there are zones, clusters of shops with similar style, quality and price tags, or for specific product types such as shoes, mobiles, etc. Off course, the downtown – Knez Mihailova and the surrounding streets tend to be much more expensive.

Belgrade Design District

This one-of-a-kind shopping zone was recently created in the forgotten Čumićevo sokače shopping mall in the heart of old Belgrade, and it features dozens of shops and boutiques selling unique art and design pieces from clothes and jewelry to home decoration and accessories.


The most popular mega-markets are Tempo (3), Metro Cash & Carry (2), Dis, Roda, Super Vero, Mercator and Idea Extra. For Metro you need to have their card to enter.


The outlet idea is relatively new to Belgrade, but it’s spreading rapidly. There are some outlet shops at the end of Bulevar, at Galenika district in Zemun and a few others scattered along the suburbs. A new large outlet center has recently been opened in the nearby town of Inđija.

Unique stores & brands

There’s a growing number of unique shops and brands in Belgrade, from clothes and furniture to sweets and wine. Most of them are located in the wider downtown area.