There’s so much to see and do in Belgrade, that whatever your preferences, you’ll have plenty of choice. From the fortress and two old towns, through unique architecture blend, mausoleums, amazing museums and art galleries, vibrant nightlife, and great shopping opportunities, to relaxing on the shores of two large European rivers, the Sava and the Danube. Here you’ll find a general guide of things you should see and experience in Belgrade. If you prefer something more original, try exploring Belgrade your way.

Belgrade top 10

Old palaceOur top 10 lists will guide you through the most popular things you should see and do in Belgrade, whether you’re here for the first time, a returner, or on tight budget or time. The top lists feature top views, activities, tours, excursions and more.


AttractionsThanks to it’s rich and turbulent history, and the spirit of the city, there are plenty of attractions in Belgrade to choose from. Explore the fortress, monumental buildings, royal palaces, spend a day at the beach, at the zoo take a ride on tram line 2.


Hop on/off busSign in for a guided bus, boat, walking or bicycle tour, hop on a guided tram tour, or choose from one of Belgrade my way original free tour suggestions.

Streets & Squares

TerazijeDiscover the most interesting streets and squares in the city, from the main promenade and a small bohemian quarter in the old town, the world famous “Silicon valley” street to the largest boulevard with landmarks and monuments scattered all around it.

River cruises

Belgrade’s mighty rivers offer a different, fresh look at the city, and there are several different river cruises that offer sightseeing, a drink or two, and maybe dinner. The cruising boats’ docks are scattered on several points of the coast, mostly in the Belgrade Port, and on the Zemun quay.

Museums & Art Galleries

Culture & ArtsExplore Belgrade’s most popular galleries and museums, theatres, concerts and movie theatres, or walk through the city to enjoy the street art which can be found everywhere.

Parks and outdoors

metropolitan-courtThere are about 90 parks in Belgrade, and dozens of forests in and around the city, including quays and recreation areas such as the Ada Ciganlija and Lido beaches, which keep the city fresh. In the downtown areas, there are two large parks and two quays, along with many smaller parks.

Parks & Outdoors


Havana Club Belgrado - summer patioDuring the last decade, Belgrade, the city of good vibrations has gained the reputation of the party capital of Europe, thanks to it’s countless clubs, music festivals and events and the unique atmosphere spiced by beautiful people who love to party and the hedonist culture dominant in the city.

Excursions from Belgrade

Orthodox Cathedral in Novi SadNear the city there are numerous interesting places, towns, villages, and beautiful landscapes that you really shouldn’t miss if you’ve got time to explore them. If you’re not on a tight schedule, you should also take some time and explore some of the natural and cultural treasures of Serbia, featuring breathtaking landscapes, ancient fortresses and monasteries, peaceful villages and more.


Christmas market on the Republic Square

There are several completely different shopping zones in Belgrade, along with two huge new shopping malls in New Belgrade. From boutique shops to flea market stands and carton boxes, in Belgrade you can find almost anything, if you’re willing to search for it. There is a say that only Belgrade has women that would walk for 10 km, just to find the perfect white button for their nightdress.