Popular clubs at Ada Ciganlija - "Makiš Riviera"

Ada Ciganlija

The most popular beaches in Belgrade are located at Ada Ciganlija.

View from Avala tower towards the hotel and mausoleum


Avala is a mountain in southern Belgrade, with dense forests and spacious meadows. It is home of two very important landmarks of Belgrade, the Avala TV Tower, the highest structure in Belgrade, and the mausoleum to the Unknown Hero.

Belgrade port

The port of Belgrade is located in the Savamala district, on the Sava river, just below Kosančićev Venac and the Orthodox cathedral of the St. […]

Čuburski (Chubura) park

This tiny park is a true oasis in the bustling Vračar district, and has all the features that many bigger parks lack. With three children […]

Dorćol quay looking east

Dorćol Danube quay

Why visit: the Danube, Nature, Recreation, People, Architecture, Kalemegdan Best time to visit: late spring, summer Also known as: 25 Maj, Kej An ideal place […]

Botanical garden

Jevremovac Botanical Garden

Working hours:  09.00 – 19.00 (Open May 1. – November 1.) The botanical garden of Belgrade – Jevremovac, is an urban oasis near the city […]

The fortress

Kalemegdan park and Belgrade fortress

Kalemegdan is Belgrade’s most popular attraction, a central park and ancient citadel lying on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube confluence with gorgeous panoramic views and many landmarks and monuments.

Lido beach from the air - Zemun

Lido beach

Lido (italian: beach) is the most popular summer resort of the citizens of Zemun, and one of the most popular of Belgrade. It is a […]

Saint Sava plateau

Why visit: The biggest church and top landmark in Belgrade, architecture, surroundings, people. The Saint Sava plateau is a park located in the district of […]

St. Mark church in Tašmajdan park, Belgrade

Tašmajdan park

Tašmajdan is the second largest park in downtown Belgrade, and one of the most important in the city both historically and in terms of attractions […]

Krajina (Dragor) royal yacht

The lost ships quay self-guided tour

Update (2015.): The ships have been removed due to the preparation of the project Belgrade Waterfront. The minesweeping boat SIP is being reconstructed and it […]

Milošev konak, Topčider park

Topčider park

Topčider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade, the so-called lungs of Belgrade, along with the larger Košutnjak park. The park is […]

Looking southwards

Ušće park

Ušće (meaning confluence, river mouth) is a wide range of places in the vicinity of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers: a shopping […]

Lido beach from the Zemun quay

Zemun quay

Zemun quay is the most visited waterfront in Belgrade, connecting New Belgrade and Zemun Danube coasts.

Zemun town park

Unlike most other parks in Belgrade, Zemun town park is pretty integrated with the town. Inside this beautiful park there are a couple of elementary […]