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  • Chelirri

    Hi, I would like to visit Serbia, I’m interested to go to Belgrade, Sabac, Tara Mountain and Stari Ras. I know that I can take a bus to close place to Tara and then a cab but to back to bus stop? And to Stari Ras? And there’s a page where I could see to book an accomodation?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Chelirri, there are buses from Belgrade to several Tara towns and resorts, if you’ve decided on your accommodation there, it would probably be best to contact them, maybe they even offer their own ride from the bus station to their place.

      For Stari Ras, it would be best to book a hotel in Novi Pazar (an interesting city 10 km from the site). Ras museum is located there.

      Hope this was helpful.
      Cheers and welcome to Serbia!

      • Chelirri

        Thanks so much!!
        I read also that Serbia has some monastery, where they are?

        • You’re welcome!

          Serbia has hundreds of medieval monasteries, some of them on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. There are a few zones that have more monasteries than the rest of the country, one of them is near your destination – Novi Pazar, featuring some of the most important Serbian monasteries: Djurdjevi Stupovi, Sopoćani and the church of St Peter and Paul from the IX century.

          A bit more to the north, near Kraljevo, there’s perhaps the most important of them – Žiča. There are many others in that zone, since it was the core of medieval Serbia.

          There are also about a dozen monasteries in Belgrade, the most important of them being Rakovica monastery.

      • Dizzy

        What is best way to get to Novi Pazar using public transport? Hvala.

  • Ziggityzollner

    Hello. I was curious if anyone knows as of yet if Red Bull will and Belgrade will have a Flugtag next summer (2014) too?

    • Haven’t heard anything about it yet. Hopefully there will be. 🙂

  • Emilia

    Hi. I’d like to ask how to get from Belgrade to Novi Pazar by public transport?

  • Ramy Eid

    Hello, I have a brief stop for 10 hours in Belgrade Nikola tesla airport and i’m wondering what to do with them i don’t want to stay in the airport any suggestions ?

    • Hi, I’d suggest you take a cab to Zeleni Venac, (if possible, order one by phone or Twitter: @NAXIStaxi) explore Savamala and Kalemegdan, and if you still have spare time, Knez Mihailova street and Terazije square. They are all in a 1 mile radius.