Belgrade my way is an independent travel guide and blog about Belgrade, Serbia, a thrilling city with way too many unknown treasures and a vibrant spirit earning it the nickname “The city of good vibrations”.

We collect and share useful information, suggest unique tours and thematic ways to discover Belgrade depending on the interests and preferences of our visitors, based on our knowledge and experience as locals. We also try to answer the questions visitors might have.

We promote Belgrade and it’s features in a different way, aiming for a better quality of information and for the better overall experience for our readers, with insider tips, tours off the beaten path, including less famous attractions and ways to discover things otherwise unavailable.

A brief history

The original project was started in 2007, with the name Belgrade your Way, but was neglected for years due to other projects. The new website was launched in may 2012, with the name Belgrade my way, a completely different design and information architecture.