Baskers in Belgrade

Belgrade Basker fest starts tonight

This year’s Basker (street entertainers) fest starts tonight August 2. at 20:00 with an opening ceremony at the central Republic square. The festival will take […]

Belgrade bridges

Belgrade bridges

There are six bridges on the Sava river and one on the Danube in urban Belgrade, as well as three more on the Sava river […]

Belgrade port

The port of Belgrade is located in the Savamala district, on the Sava river, just below Kosančićev Venac and the Orthodox cathedral of the St. […]

Popular clubs at Ada Ciganlija - "Makiš Riviera"

Belgrade rivers & lakes

Belgrade is the only European capital that lies on two huge rivers – the Sava and Danube. These rivers are the treasure of the city. […]

Dorćol in winter

Belgrade under snow

The first snow has come a bit early this winter, giving the city an elegant white cover that gives it’s name (White City) even more […]

Čuburski (Chubura) park

This tiny park is a true oasis in the bustling Vračar district, and has all the features that many bigger parks lack. With three children […]

Delta City shopping mall

Delta City shopping mall

Delta City was the first of the new generation of shopping malls to open in Belgrade, and today is the second largest (after Ušće), yet […]

Dorćol quay looking east

Dorćol Danube quay

Why visit: the Danube, Nature, Recreation, People, Architecture, Kalemegdan Best time to visit: late spring, summer Also known as: 25 Maj, Kej An ideal place […]

Ice skating rink at Nikola Pasic square

Ice skating in Belgrade

Ice skating is one of the most popular winter outdoor activities in Belgrade. Romantic, fun for the entire family, or for a hangout with a […]

Beogradska Rolerijada - Belgrade inline skating competition

Join the family fun at Belgrade Rolerijada

The fifteenth inline skating competition known as Beogradska rolerijada will gather thousands of fans of this sport in numerous races around downtown on September 9. at […]

Kosančićev Venac from Brankov bridge

Kosančićev Venac

Kosančićev venac is a jewel hidden in the heart of the city, definitely worth visiting, though many Belgraders wouldn’t remember it if you ask them […]

Lido beach from the air - Zemun

Lido beach

Lido (italian: beach) is the most popular summer resort of the citizens of Zemun, and one of the most popular of Belgrade. It is a […]

National Parliament of Serbia

Also known as: National Assembly, Skupština Why visit: Top landmark, history, surroundings. The Parliament palace in Belgrade was built in the early twentieth century, and […]

Republic square

Republic square

Why visit: Gather point, People, Knez Mihailova street, National theatre, Cafes, Fast food, Public transportation hub Also known as: Trg, Trg Republike, Pozorišni Trg, Kod […]

Saint Sava temple

The largest orthodox temple in the world, the huge Saint Sava temple is one of Belgrade’s most famous landmarks, and is visible from many parts […]

Krajina (Dragor) royal yacht

The lost ships quay self-guided tour

Update (2015.): The ships have been removed due to the preparation of the project Belgrade Waterfront. The minesweeping boat SIP is being reconstructed and it […]

Milošev konak, Topčider park

Topčider park

Topčider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade, the so-called lungs of Belgrade, along with the larger Košutnjak park. The park is […]

Ušće Tower and Shopping Center

Ušće shopping & business center

The Ušće complex is made of Ušće tower, the tallest building in Belgrade, and Ušće shopping mall, the biggest mall in Serbia. While the mall […]

Old Central European houses

Zemun old town

Why visit: History, Top landmarks and attractions, Great panoramic views, Culture, Walking,  People, Cafes… Also known as: Munze Once upon a time, Zemun was a […]