Amusement park at Belgrade's New Year Fair

52. international New Year’s Fair

Belgrade’s 52. traditional New Year’s Fair, an entertainment and shopping event, is traditionally organized by Belgrade Fair at the end of the business year. This […]

Balkanska street

This cozy but steep street located in the Savamala district in downtown Belgrade is probably the best location to go shopping for all kind of […]

Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair

Also known as: Beogradski Sajam, Sajam Belgrade Fair is the largest and most successful trade fair institution in Serbia and the Southeast Europe region, bringing […]

Popular clubs at Ada Ciganlija - "Makiš Riviera"

Belgrade rivers & lakes

Belgrade is the only European capital that lies on two huge rivers – the Sava and Danube. These rivers are the treasure of the city. […]

Dorćol in winter

Belgrade under snow

The first snow has come a bit early this winter, giving the city an elegant white cover that gives it’s name (White City) even more […]

Rent a car services in Belgrade

Car rental in Belgrade

Driving a car in Belgrade can be quite a challenge, especially for foreigners, and parking is even worse. Due to heavy traffic jams, wild drivers […]

Traditional coffee in Serbia

Coffee culture in Belgrade and Serbia

Serbs drink a lot of coffee. All sorts of coffee. The most popular traditional coffee, also known as Turska (Turkish) comes unfiltered, in small cups. […]

Delta City shopping mall

Delta City shopping mall

Delta City was the first of the new generation of shopping malls to open in Belgrade, and today is the second largest (after Ušće), yet […]

Dom Omladine - Home of the Youth of Belgrade

Dom Omladine Beograda

Dom Omladine Beograda (Home of the Youth of Belgrade) is a cultural and educational institution of the City of Belgrade. It’s activities feature all types of art: music, film, theater, visual arts and new media.

The Terazije tunnel

Downtown Belgrade

Belgrade’s city center is a rather undefined area that encompasses parts of the old town on the Southeastern peninsula – South of the Danube and […]

Oldest kafana in Europe - Znak Pitanja

Kafana ? (Question Mark)

The Question mark kafana is the oldest kafana (traditional restaurant) in Belgrade. It is a small charming house built in the traditional Balkan style at […]

Knez Mihailova near Progres gallery

Knez Mihailova street

Why visit: Culture, Architecture, Shopping, People, Cafes Also known as: Knez Knez Mihailova is the main walking street in the center of Belgrade. It goes […]

New Belgrade and the Great War island

Novi Beograd district

Also known as: New Belgrade, NBG Why visit: Architecture, Bike paths,  Novi Beograd is the most populated municipality in Belgrade, on the western bank of […]

Open Trade Center (Buvljak) market

The official name of Belgrade’s largest flea market is Otvoreni Tržni Centar (Open trade Center), yet most people know it as Buvljak. While it’s not […]

Parking and Garages in Belgrade

Parking in the city center is fairly cheap but very complicated, and the closer you are to the central zone, the tougher it gets. Sometimes […]

Skadarlija market

Shopping like a local in Belgrade

Living in Belgrade can be quite affordable if you know where and how to shop for everyday products, and that’s why I’d like to share […]

Taxi in Belgrade

Below is a list of taxi providers in Belgrade with phones, alternative contacts and websites. Currently only Naxis taxi offers credit card payments. ALO TAXI: […]

Floods in Novi Sad, Serbia

The flood is coming to Belgrade

The floods from Central Europe are coming to Belgrade these days, after Prague and Budapest. Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city is already affected by […]