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Absinthe Bar & Bistro

Absinthe is a French restaurant and premium cocktail bar located in Belgrade’s central neighborhood Vračar, near Slavija square. On Fridays and Saturdays guests are entertained […]

Burrito bar Belgrade

Burrito bar

On our menu, you have the choice between classical, popular, Mexican dishes made ​ with meat or beans, Tacos of Burritos. Both enriched with seasonal […]

El hispano restaurant Belgrade

El Hispano restaurant

El Hispano is an exclusive restaurant offering more than the irresistible Spanish cuisine, bringing the authentic feel of Spain to Belgrade. Featuring a trophy bull’s […]

Fine Sushi bar Belgrade

Fine sushi bar

We do delivery. Our drinks offer features exclusively Japanese products- Japanese tea, Japanese beer, wine and sake. We offer sushi and miso soups. For the […]

Kalemegdanska terasa

Kalemegdanska Terasa

Kalemegdanska Terasa is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Belgrade, located in a fairytale environment in the heart of the fortress, just beside Jakšića […]

Orao pizza restaurants

Orao restaurants

Orao started in 1991. as an Italian cuisine restaurant. It was the first pizzeria in Belgrade to offer pizza slices. Over the years, they expanded […]

Thai Time

The word Thailand in translation means “Free Land” or “Land of the free people.” What is interesting is that Thailand has never been under European […]

Toro latin gastro bar at Beglrade Port

Toro Latin GastroBar

Toro is a new restaurant in Belgrade where you can taste exotic Latin specialties while enjoying the river breeze and romantic sunsets, accompanied with refreshing […]