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Discover Belgrade with our FREE Self-Guided Tours

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Sava Centar

Sava Centar is a multipurpose venue featuring a congress hall, theater, concert hall and other business and entertainment facilities. It is located at the “Glass District” business zone at Novi Beograd, and well connected with […]

Savamala, the new cultural and clubbing destination

Savamala is a resurrecting elite neighborhood in the heart of Belgrade and the center of the capital’s cultural life, home to several new art galleries and cultural centers. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods […]

SANU Gallery

The popular gallery of the Serbian Academy of Science & Art (SANU or SASA) often showcases very interesting exhibitions of Serbian visual arts throughout the ages, from the stone age to the modern era. This […]

Car rental in Belgrade

Driving a car in Belgrade can be quite a challenge, especially for foreigners, and parking is even worse. Due to heavy traffic jams, wild drivers and a poor infrastructure I can only recommend to avoid […]

Roman Well

Many legends surround the Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most mysterious attractions, built at the beginning of the 18th century, during the baroque reconstruction of the fortress. It is believed that it was constructed upon […]

Coffee culture in Belgrade and Serbia

Serbs drink a lot of coffee. All sorts of coffee. The most popular traditional coffee, also known as Turska (Turkish) comes unfiltered, in small cups. You can order traditional coffee almost everywhere and anytime. Sometimes […]

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