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Gallery of Frescoes

Don’t let the name fool you, the Gallery of Frescoes is actually a museum of Serbian medieval visual arts, featuring (beside frescoes) scale models of the most important medieval monasteries, replicas of their portals, ornaments […]

Delta City shopping mall

Delta City was the first of the new generation of shopping malls to open in Belgrade, and today is the second largest (after Ušće), yet still preferred by many visitors thanks to thematic events, unique […]

Escape Game

Real escape the room game is inventive and interactive real life logical game where the team is trying to escape the room within a 60 minutes time frame by revealing and unlocking series of mystery […]


Niš is a big city with a unique charm of a small town, the third largest city in Serbia, birthplace of Constantine the Great, and a must for history buffs. It is also a great […]

Kafana ? (Question Mark)

The Question mark kafana is the oldest kafana (traditional restaurant) in Belgrade. It is a small charming house built in the traditional Balkan style at the beginning of the 19th century, across the street from […]

Zepter museum

Serbia’s first private museum is an institution that holds numerous masterpieces of Serbian modern and contemporary artists. The museum was opened recently so it’s not as well-known among the local population as it should be. […]

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