The public transportation in Belgrade (GSP) consists of buses, trams, trolleys and recently city trains have been incorporated. The first three come practically in all shapes or colors, mainly because of advertisement, so don’t be confused.


There are two ticket zones in Belgrade’s public transportation system, though most visitors probably won’t exit Zone  1 (reaching many nearby suburbs).


There are four types of tickets: monthly (for residents), e-wallets & paper credit cards (refilled on most larger kiosks), and one trip (bought at kiosks or at the vehicle driver’s). One ride costs 60 dinars (0.6 €), for Zone 1 and 120 (1.2€) for Zone 2 regardless of the length.


A new information system is being developed to keep passengers informed on the distance of the closest vehicles via SMS and displays on the stations. On many stations you’ll see the station number and the dial instructions.

Basically you dial *011*XXX# (XXX being the number of the station), and you get a SMS with the following format: Line – Stops (Minutes)

  • 2 – 3 (10)
  • 5 – 2 (6)
  • 10 – 4(12);  7(20)

The fleet

Currently the city transport company (GSP) operates about 1000 buses, 200 trams and 100 trolleys serving 118, 12 and 8 lines respectively, and is being backed up by smaller companies.

City trains (BG: Voz)

The city trains are a new addition to the system, currently operating on only one route: Pančevo bridge to Batajnica via Zemun.

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