Zemun and New Belgrade are cities within a city with their own strong identity and many stories tied in to it.  We will first pass through New Belgrade, a socialist vision of a perfect city.

An interesting mixture of politics and architecture that went through a number of different phases,  for which many do have a love and hate feelings.

The biggest communist palace built in these areas will be the first stop, the Palace of Serbia, then we will take a detour to see the curious example of brutalist architecture, the Genex tower, and then we’ ll be riding down to the river and reach Zemun afterwards.

We might climb onto Millennial Tower at Gardoš to enjoy the views overlooking the river and the city, or just stay by the river to feed the swans. On our way back a quick stop in the Zemun park that used to be the border cross between the Turkish and the Austrian Empire, so there will be some insightful thingies to hear about that time.

Back to the river again, and an easy ride to the bridge, a great place to see the Fortress of Kalemegdan from the other side of the river. Tour finishes in Savamala District. It takes about 3 hours to do this tour and time will certainly fly.

Tour Details

  • Meeting place: Terazije Square at 10 AM,  plateau next to the Moscow Hotel
  • Things to bring: water, camera, comfy clothes, suntan lotion
  • Length: 20 km
  • Duration: 3-4 hours (without a coffee break, but we are sure you will go and grab a coffee)
  • Level: easy, flat terrain, bike paths and pedestrian walkways
  • Price: 3000 RSD per person
  • Type: Private tour

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Info & photo from Still in Belgrade