The Ušće complex is made of Ušće tower, the tallest building in Belgrade, and Ušće shopping mall, the biggest mall in Serbia. While the mall is relatively new, the tower is part of Belgrade’s interesting and turbulent history.

The complex is located in the Ušće park in Novi Beograd, across Brankov bridge from the city center.

Ušće Shopping Mall

Shopping in Belgrade

Ušće shopping mall

Ušće shopping mall is the biggest mall in Belgrade and Serbia,  It’s size, the great location and the proximity of both business and recreational zones as well as tourist hotspots made this shopping mall the new favorite gather point for Belgraders and guests alike.

With more than a hundred shops, cafes & restaurants, Ušće mall is not the most affordable place to go shopping in Belgrade, but it’s definitely the best place to come for variety and exploring the offer, especially if you’re shopping for gifts.

Ušće Tower

Victory statue, gate and Ušće tower

The Ušće tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Belgrade. Today a 25-story mixed use skyscraper, Ušće tower was built in the sixties as the Central Committee (CK) of the Communist party of Yugoslavia, and rose proudly across the river from the Kalemegdan citadel, in the newly built part of the city – Novi Beograd. The original building had 23 stories and was 105 meters tall.

After the destruction of Yugoslavia, the tower was converted into an office building.

Destruction and reconstruction of Ušće tower

Photo: Wikipedia

During the NATO bombing in 1999. the tower was hit several times, but remained standing. For the next couple of years, it stood with the black stains from the bombing until it’s reconstruction (2003-2005).

During the reconstruction, two additional floors were added—conference halls on 24th and a restaurant on the 25th floor. An observation deck, fitness area and cafe are located on the top floor of the building.

A new twin tower was planned since the reconstruction, but never moved from paper.

Today the tower stands proudly again, as a symbol of the resurrection of Belgrade, providing breathtaking views of the city.