The word Thailand in translation means “Free Land” or “Land of the free people.”

What is interesting is that Thailand has never been under European colonial rule. Thai people for centuries, developed and perfected their own unique culture and food. Our Master Chef, Duangnet Pinsanthia was born in Korat and learned to cook traditional Thai dishes from her grandmother in Nakhon Ratchasimu in the North eastern region of Isan, a beautiful part of Thailand, which is heavily influenced by Lao cuisine.

The Family recipes have been passed down for generations. Our Thai Time dishes are put together in perfect harmony with the five basic Thai principles on tastes: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Thai Time has captured the truly original essence of the food; Harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely Thai. Thai Time is the first authentic Thai restaurant in Belgrade and its menu offers a genuine taste of Thai cuisine.

The harmony of taste is the basic principle for all our dishes. Thai Time offers its friends an intimate ambiance in the heart of Belgrade, at Dorćol in 59a, Gundulićev Venac street, we pride ourselves on providing authentic tastes of Thai cuisine using only original ingredients as that is what makes the restaurant Thai Time special. Thai cuisine is a perfect blend of culture and taste which is finally available to you in Belgrade.

  • Website: Thai Time
  • Address: Gundulićev Venac 59a
  • Phone: +381 69 2221556


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