Living in Belgrade can be quite affordable if you know where and how to shop for everyday products, and that’s why I’d like to share with you a few tips about shopping in Belgrade on a budget.

Green markets

There are numerous green markets in the city offering virtually everything from food to clothes, electronics and plumber equipment. Most of them also offer cheaper goods imported from nearby countries such as coffee, cheese, chocolate, etc.

Chain supermarkets

There are three main supermarket chains with hundreds of shops – Maxi, Idea and ViĆĄnjica. It’s very probable that if you’re located anywhere in central Belgrade, there will be between 5 and 10 of these shops in your vicinity. Maxi is a bit larger and better supplied, with a couple of it’s own brands, so they’re usually cheaper. There are a few other chains, such as SOS market, Roda, Familija, etc. SOS markets also offer better prices comparing to the rest.

Corner shops and drugstores

In almost every neighborhood there are the so called drugstores that are open 24/7, or at least from 6:00 to 23:00, offering essentials when needed. Try planning ahead and avoiding these, since they’re usually more expensive.


The most affordable megamarkets in Belgrade are Tempo (3 locations), Dis (2) and Super Vero (5 or 6). There are also Roda megamarket, Mercator, Idea Extra and Metro Cash & Carry.

Clothes & accessories

While most people buy these at green markets or flea markets, there are also several mega malls, dozens of smaller shopping centers and many boutique stores in the center. During the last few years, outlets have been opened all around the city, offering these goods at least a bit below their ordinary price. There are several shopping zones for particular goods.