Danube panorama from Zemun

Danube river

The most famous attraction in Belgrade is the Danube river, here known as Dunav. Since ancient times, Belgrade has been tied with the second largest […]

Indjija outlet center

Fashion Park Outlet Indjija

The largest outlet shopping center in Serbia was opened a year ago in Indjija, a town in Srem region, about 40km west from Belgrade, on […]

Nis trg Kralja Milana


Niš is a big city with a unique charm of a small town, the third largest city in Serbia, birthplace of Constantine the Great, and […]

Central square in Novi Sad

Novi Sad

Why visit: Culture, History, People, Architecture, Completely different from Belgrade Also known as: Serbian Athens, Gibraltar on the Danube (Petrovaradin fortress) Apart from being Serbia’s […]

Silver Lake beach

Silver lake summer resort

Silver lake (Srebrno jezero) is the one of the largest lakes and summer resorts in Serbia, and the fastest developing one. The lake is about […]

Vinča Archaeological site

Vinča archaeological site

Vinča (Belo brdo) is an archaeological site from the early neolithic period, that gave name to the culture that inhabited the Balkan peninsula and part […]