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Absinthe Bar & Bistro

Absinthe is a French restaurant and premium cocktail bar located in Belgrade’s central neighborhood Vračar, near Slavija square. On Fridays and Saturdays guests are entertained […]

Bled restaurant

Bled restaurant is one of the most famous fish restaurants in downtown Belgrade, with a charming touch of national cuisine, where you can enjoy the […]

Bucko Pizza Belgrade

Bucko Pizza

Bucko (meaning Chubby) is one of the most popular pizza chains in Belgrade, open since 1997. They offer pizzas and sandwiches with a large variety […]

Burrito bar Belgrade

Burrito bar

On our menu, you have the choice between classical, popular, Mexican dishes made ​ with meat or beans, Tacos of Burritos. Both enriched with seasonal […]

Caribic Pizza Belgrade

Caribic Pizza

Caribic offers large slices of pizza for a very good price, and has promotions that include a discounted coke. Their offer of pizzas is wide […]

Banjalucki Cevapi Cica, Belgrade

Ćevabdžinica Cica

Started as a family business in 1996, Cica offers delicious ćevapi (small sausage-like grilled portions of minced meat), Banjalučki (from Banja Luka) and Sarajevski (from […]

Traditional coffee in Serbia

Coffee culture in Belgrade and Serbia

Serbs drink a lot of coffee. All sorts of coffee. The most popular traditional coffee, also known as Turska (Turkish) comes unfiltered, in small cups. […]

Dorcolac grill

Dorćolac Grill

Dorćolac is a grill fast food restaurant in Venizelosova (former Đure Đakovića street) in Dorćol. They offer a large variety of grilled specialties, by portion […]

Dva Jelena historic restaurant in Skadarlija, Belgrade

Dva jelena restaurant

It has been a second home and inspiration to many of the prominent artists, poets, actors, politicians, even leaders of many states. Here you can […]

El hispano restaurant Belgrade

El Hispano restaurant

El Hispano is an exclusive restaurant offering more than the irresistible Spanish cuisine, bringing the authentic feel of Spain to Belgrade. Featuring a trophy bull’s […]

Fine Sushi bar Belgrade

Fine sushi bar

We do delivery. Our drinks offer features exclusively Japanese products- Japanese tea, Japanese beer, wine and sake. We offer sushi and miso soups. For the […]

Traditional Serbian rakija - Belgrade food and culture tour

Food & Culture Tour

We take you for a pleasant walk from venue to venue to explore tastes, culture and history of Serbia and Belgrade. Our main goal is […]

Hot Good fast food

Hot Good fast food

Belgrade is the capital of fast food, but among the huge number of fast food venues, one stands out. Well, actually two. Delicious taste and […]

Oldest kafana in Europe - Znak Pitanja

Kafana ? (Question Mark)

The Question mark kafana is the oldest kafana (traditional restaurant) in Belgrade. It is a small charming house built in the traditional Balkan style at […]

Kafana Korcagin

Kafana Pavle Korčagin

Also known as: Korčagin Address: Ćirila i Metodija 2a Phone: 011 24 01 980 E-mail: Korčagin is a unique kafana (tavern) in Belgrade, with […]

Kalemegdanska terasa

Kalemegdanska Terasa

Kalemegdanska Terasa is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Belgrade, located in a fairytale environment in the heart of the fortress, just beside Jakšića […]

KC Grad

KC Grad

KC Grad (The City cultural center) is an art gallery/night club located in a refurbished old warehouse built in 1884, located in the historical Savamala […]


Loki is more than a grill restaurant, it’s an urban legend, and most of the travelers coming to Belgrade try it. Loki built the business […]

MC Donald's restaurant at Zeleni Venac square

McDonald’s restaurants in Belgrade

There’s about a dozen McDonald’s restaurants in Belgrade, 4 of them in the city center, 5 in New Belgrade, one in Zemun, Cerak & Rakovica. The […]

Mornar restaurant Belgrade

Mornar restaurant

Mornar is a well-known restaurant in the very center of Belgrade, across the street from Dom Omladine. Mornar is part of the “Višnjica restorani” chain, […]

Orao pizza restaurants

Orao restaurants

Orao started in 1991. as an Italian cuisine restaurant. It was the first pizzeria in Belgrade to offer pizza slices. Over the years, they expanded […]

Stara Hercegovina restaurant

Stara Hercegovina

Stara Hercegovina is a prestigious kafana serving traditional Serbian dishes, located in a quiet part of the Dorćol district, fifteen minutes walking from the central […]

Supermarket concept store

Supermarket concept store

Supermarket concept store is a place that melts fashion, design, art and gastronomy. It consists of a restaurant, store, beauty lounge, wine bar, spa, flower […]

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