Why visit: History of Belgrade (Ancient, Medieval, Turkish), Archaeology, Top landmarks and attractions, Great panoramic views, Culture, Walking, Relaxation, Sports, People, Animals, Cafes, Souvenirs…

Also known as: Kališ, Tvrđava, Citadel, Belgrade  fortress, Belgrade castle

Kalemegdan is Belgrade’s central park and fortress complex lying on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube confluence, on the eastern side of the river Sava. This has been the sight of the ancient Roman city of Singidunum, the medieval and Turkish era Belgrade and was converted into a park in the mid 19th century. It is home to several galleries and museums, restaurants, sports courts, and the Belgrade Zoo.

The park

Besides many kilometers of paths and numerous hideouts through the park, there’s also a few playgrounds for the kids, some chess boards from the elderly, and a great wall which is a favorite spot for teens & youth with spectacular and often romantic views of sunsets, storms or other beauties of nature. In winter, the younger population goes skiing and sleigh riding on the slopes near the Zoo, or ice-skating at the court near the Sahat (Clock) tower.

The park is also home to squirrels and other smaller animals which from time to time like to hang around with people, specially if you have some food to offer them.

If you don’t like walking, you can also get the mini train that runs through the park.

Kalemegdan Highlights

Roman Well at Belgrade Fortress

Roman Well

Many legends surround the Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most mysterious attractions, built at the beginning of the 18th century, during the baroque reconstruction of […]

Statue of the Victor overlooking Zemun

Statue of the Victor

Also known as: Pobednik, Statue of Victory The statue of the Victor is one of the most famous landmarks in Belgrade, located in the Belgrade […]

Military museum, Kalemegdan, Belgrade

Military Museum

The Military Museum is one of Belgrade’s most famous museums, located in the middle of Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress. The outdoor part of the […]

The "white kings" - Superstars of the Belgrade zoo

Belgrade zoo, the garden of good hope

Also known as the “Garden of Good Hope”, Belgrade zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe, founded in 1936. Nowadays it is […]

Nebojša tower - Kula Nebojša

Nebojša tower

Also known as: Kula Nebojša, Nebojšina Kula Nebojša tower is one of the few remaining monuments of medieval Belgrade, a four level cannon tower built around […]

Ružica church

Why visit: History, Culture, Architecture The church of the Holly Mother of God, better known as Ružica (Little rose) is a unique and beautiful church […]

On the promenade that connects with Knez Mihailova, there are numerous stands of souvenirs and handcrafts. You can find anything from a flute, through vests, hats or candy to a beer pint with the silhouette of Belgrade. In my opinion, the offer is pretty good here.

Monuments at Kalemegdan

Being a preserved sight with two millennia of history, Kalemegdan is home to many monuments. There are four significant towers, the two most important being Nebojša tower and Sahat (clock) tower, numerous gates, the most important ones are Zindan Kapija, Inner Stambol Kapija (below the tower), and Charles VI gate. There are walls from Roman and medieval times, Turkish and Austrian. There are many ruins and archaeological sights, and a whole lot of statues, the most important being the statue to the Victor, aka Pobednik, and one dedicated to Despot Stefan, founder of Serbian medieval Belgrade. The Victor is one of the most important symbols of Belgrade.

Official website: BeogradskaTvrdjava.co.rs

Photo Gallery

Hotels near Kalemegdan

Hotel Aleksandar Palas

Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas ****

Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas is situated in Kralja Petra street in the center of Belgrade, just 30 metres from Knez Mihailova Street. The hotel is […]

Palace Hotel Belgrade

Palace Hotel ****

Located in the vicinity of Knez Mihajlova shopping street and the Kalemegdan Fortress, Palace Hotel offers stylish, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. On the 6th floor, […]

Beograd Art Hotel

Beograd Art Hotel ****

Situated at  the very core of the city, in Belgrade’s main pedestrian street, Art Hotel’s décor is inspired by Italian style. The property offers individually […]

Square Nine hotel

Square Nine Hotel *****

It features a spa with a naturally lit pool and a Japanese bathtub. This hotel is relatively new, opened just a couple of years ago. […]

Hostels near Kalemegdan

Hedonist Hostel

Hedonist Hostel is located in the center of Belgrade right next to Studentski Trg. It offers a large garden perfect for enjoying a drink in […]

Hostel Yolostel

Set in a historic building, in Belgrade, Hostel Yolostel features a shared lounge area and common kitchen, where guests can cook their own meals. Each room, decorated […]

Chillton 2 Hostel

Chillton 2 Hostel stand between two major sites in Belgrade – Kalemegdan Fortress and the Republic Square, both within a 5-minute walk. A 24-hour grocery store […]


The park is located in the city center, by the neighborhoods of Dorćol and Kosančićev Venac and connected with the main city promenade – Knez Mihailova street. It is divided into 4 zones: Upper town, Lower town, Big Kalemegdan and Small Kalemegdan.