The Belgrade Cooperative Palace, better known as Geozavod is one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade, located in the Savamala district near Brankov bridge. Very neglected until recently, the building was “rediscovered” by the creatives and used as exhibition place during the creative Mikser festival that brought this neighborhood back to life.

The building was erected between 1905 and 1907 after the design by architects Andra Stevanović and Nikola Nestorović. It was designed in the style of the twentieth century academism, with rich plastic decoration on the facades and in the representative part of the interior. It is a monumental corner building with three wings in the floor plan and was built in the then most modern building process, with the application of reinforced concrete (for the first time in Belgrade) and the facades done in artificial stone.

The interior of the building is as spectacular as the exterior. A large hall with magnificent staircases and sculptures is often used for art exhibits, theater and even parties.

The building is currently under reconstruction.