LIVE ROOM ESCAPE GAME is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams ( 2 – 5 persons ) need to escape from the room in which they are locked in.

You have just 60 minutes of time and you need to find a clues and solve them.

Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently and the Game Master directs gameplay in order to help if needed.

EscapeMania – Room Escape
The uniqueness of the game is that you are actually physically inside the story. When you read books, you can imagine.
When you play online, you can be drawn in, but you are not physically in the story.
In this game you can enjoy it both physically and realistically.

If you are a person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles, or just looking for a challenge, this event is for you.

Website: EscapeMania Belgrade