Serbs drink a lot of coffee. All sorts of coffee. The most popular traditional coffee, also known as Turska (Turkish) comes unfiltered, in small cups. You can order traditional coffee almost everywhere and anytime. Sometimes with traditional coffee comes ratluk, a sweet with jello & almonds.

Beside the traditional coffee, during the last couple of decades, occidental influences brought variations such as cappuccino, mocha, latte, frappe and countless combinations.


Even though the name means coffee shop, kafanas are more like bistros or pubs, sometimes even classy restaurants of traditional cuisine. Off course, they all still serve coffee, but also offer food and other beverages usually accompanied by live starogradska (old town)  music.

Znak pitanja (?), the oldest coffee shop in Europe is located in Belgrade, across the street from the Orthodox cathedral.

Oldest kafana in Europe - Znak Pitanja

Photos from Wikipedia: Coffee | Kafana ?