We’ve compiled several top 10 lists of things to see, do and experience in Belgrade and Serbia:

Top 10 things to do for First time visitors in Belgrade:

  1. Discover the Kalemegdan fortress featuring some of Belgrade’s top landmarks.
  2. Discover the downtown with our self-guided tours: Knez Mihailova street, the Orthodox cathedral, Kosančićev Venac and Dorćol neighborhoods.
  3. Spend an active day at Ada Ciganlija: swimming, water skiing, bungee jumping, you name it.
  4. Enjoy the nightlife at the world-famous splavs – floating clubs such as Freestyler, Sound, H2O…
  5. Dine in Skadarlija. Try ćevapčići (grilled minced meat) with onion, or any other grilled specialties.
  6. Take the circular tram no 2 for a ride around the city center. There is a stop at the end of Knez Mihailova at Kalemegdan, or another one in the port or below Brankov bridge.
  7. Explore the Zeleni Venac or Skadarlija green markets.
  8. Go to the top of Ušće tower for spectacular views of the entire city and surrounding areas.
  9. Visit Nikola Pašić square with the National Parliament and the Old and New Royal Palaces.
  10. Explore the most important (open) museums to learn a bit more about the local culture, history and tradition. We suggest the Ethnographic museum, Military history museum, the SANU gallery and the Frescoes (Medieval art) gallery.

Knez Mihailova street

Top 10 Belgrade activities for returning visitors

  1. Take a free walking tour from Knez Mihailova street all the way to St. Sava church.
  2. Try booking a tour to discover the mysterious Belgrade underground tunnels and caves. They’re everywhere under the city.
  3. Watch a romantic sunset or dramatic thunderstorms and clouds from the Kalemegdan walls.
  4. Visit the Orthodox Cathedral and the Patriarchy palace.
  5. Go shopping and sightseeing at Bulevar.
  6. Visit Vukov Spomenik underground metro station for one of the steepest and longest stair rides.
  7. Try chitchatting with some philology students at the Students’ square.
  8. Visit the local derby between Red Star and Partizan for some of the wildest football fans in Europe. Make sure you don’t wear any symbols of these clubs and avoid the North/South grades.
  9. Make an excursion to Vinča, one of the most important archaeological sights in this part of Europe, and one of the first civilizations in the world.
  10. Go for a relaxing evening river cruise with dinner or just drinks included.

Belgrade boat carnival

Top 10 free things to do in Belgrade:

  1. Roam around the Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan park.
  2. Take one of our free self-guided walking tours to discover the city downtown.
  3. Spend a fun summer day at Ada Ciganlija (the Sea of Belgrade).
  4. Visit St. Marko or St. Sava temple, two largest churches in Belgrade.
  5. Walk around Kosančićev Venac and Savamala to get a sense of times gone by.
  6. Go walking, biking or jogging along the Danube and Sava shores.
  7. Enjoy the fantastic views of of old Belgrade and the Sava bridges from New Belgrade quay, or from Kalemegdan’s Sava promenade.
  8. Go birdwatching around the confluence to find ducks, gulls, swans and other interesting feathered inhabitants of Belgrade.
  9. Take a relaxing walk through Zvezdara, Avala or Košutnjak forests, all of them offer spectacular views of the city, and it’s surroundings.
  10. Visit one of the numerous free music or art festivals such as Mikser or the Belgrade Beer Fest and feel the good vibrations.

Gulls triangle

Top 10 excursions from Belgrade

  1. Enjoy a day trip to the historical towns Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad.
  2. Explore the Smederevo fortress, the last stand of Medieval Serbia.
  3. Visit Oplenac mausoleum of the Karadjordjević dynasty and their famous wine cellars.
  4. Bukovička spa is an ideal place for relaxation in the hilly Šumadija region near Belgrade.
  5. Fruška gora mountain and national park overlooks the vast Panonian plain and offers a perfect blend of nature and culture. If you come in may, try joining the traditional marathon.
  6. The castles of Vojvodina offer a romantic insight into history.
  7. Enjoy the scenic Djerdap gorge and national park, the most beautiful part of the Danube.
  8. Visit Subotica, a very inspiring town in the northern-most part of Serbia and the nearby lake Palić, one of the most important summer resorts in Serbia.
  9. Discover Kragujevac, the former capital of Serbia.
  10. Viminacium archaeological sight is a great place to learn about the Romans in Moesia (present-day Serbia)

Sremski Karlovci

Adventurers top 10 in Belgrade and Serbia

  1. Try bungee-jumping at Ada Ciganlija.
  2. Go extreme skating at Ušće skate park.
  3. Go rafting at Tara, Lim, Drina or Ibar rivers.
  4. Enjoy a paintball or laser tag game at Ada Ciganlija.
  5. Join the marathon or a hiking group for a walk on Fruška Gora mountain.
  6. Snowboarding at Kopaonik is getting more and more popular.
  7. Go paragliding in Vršac and enjoy spectacular scenery.
  8. Do some speleology and explore the Zlotska caves complex.
  9. Join a regatta on the Tisa, Sava or Danube rivers.
  10. Try Svibor (Serbian medieval martial arts).

Bungee jumping crane at Ada Ciganlija