Avala is a mountain in southern Belgrade, with dense forests and spacious meadows. It is home of two very important landmarks of Belgrade, the Avala TV Tower, the highest structure in Belgrade, and the mausoleum to the Unknown Hero.

Both of them offer breathtaking views both of the Belgrade area and of the Šumadija district to the south.

Why visit: recreation, hiking, orienteering, panoramic views

Before the Avala mausoleum was built, an ancient fortress named Žrnov existed on that site. It was destroyed by a superstitious king to make the mausoleum and its surroundings.

Legend – the mythical Avalon

A local legend has it that Avala (or Žrnov castle) was actually the mythical Avalon mentioned in the stories about king Arthur.

Location and Getting there

Take a tram (9, 10, 14) or bus (33) to “Voždovac” stop, aka. “Trošarina”. From there take one of the following buses: 401, 403, 407, 408 (Avala). Be prepared for some hiking as the station is located at the base of Mt. Avala. From late spring to autumn, a seasonal line 400 goes from Voždovac to the top of Mount Avala.