The Zipline at Ada Ciganlija is Belgrade’s newest attraction for adrenaline junkies, established in summer 2015.

Beside being an adventure, it is also a useful mean of transportation, since it crosses the lake somewhere near the middle, two kilometres from each of the other crossings.

Zipline at Ada Ciganlija - a family friendly activityThe Ada zipline is safe and family friendly, as well as environmentally friendly.

In the last few years Zip Line has become a world attraction but as a kind of entertainment. All over the world the most attractive locations set Zip Line lines that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Zip Line installations around the world are supported by all relevant movements for environmental protection, because there is no any danger to the ecosystem. Zip Line is a very exciting activity, descend down the mountain, across a river or lake hanging on a tight rope raises adrenaline everybody that include the most experienced adventurers.

Website: Zipline Ada