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Also known as: Zelenjak

Zeleni Venac (the green garland) is a large square, a major public transportation hub (towards New Belgrade and Zemun) and the most popular market in Belgrade. It is also the oldest green market still in function.

The architecture blend in this area is unique, featuring art deco, neoclassicism, some traditional Balkan features, along with some modern buildings.

The square is always alive and crowded with people waiting for buses, shopping or hanging out at several restaurants and pekaras.

How Zeleni Venac got it’s name

During the 1840-s this area was converted from a large swamp into an urban neighborhood of Belgrade. At 1. Brankova street, a building of typical Balkan architecture was built. A young Saxon woman just moved into Belgrade with her children, and opened an inn in that building. Instead of a logo, the inn had a green tin garland (zeleni venac) that gave the name to this neighborhood. The inn got a very good reputation and hosted foreign travelers, merchants and smiths.

Getting here

Zeleni Venac is two minutes walking from Knez Mihailova street, walking through the small streets and alleys in between, and one minute from Brankov bridge. It is also a minute walk from the hotels Moskva and Balkan (Terazije square). A large staircase and cobblestone street connects it with BAS – the main bus station.

This is one of the most important public buses’ hubs in Belgrade, the departing point for the western  (New Belgrade, Zemun, Surčin and Batajnica) and southwestern (Belgrade Fair, Ada Ciganlija, Čukarica) parts of the city. It is also well connected to the east by lines 95 and 16 directly and many others stopping at the Republic Square and Terazije.

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