Topčider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade, the so-called lungs of Belgrade, along with the larger Košutnjak park. The park is the oldest one built outside of the city (nearly 200 years ago).

There are several monuments and attractions at Topčider.

The most famous are Milošev Konak (the palace of Prince Miloš Obrenović), which today hosts the museum of the First Serbian Uprising; the old oak in front of it – a huge tree protected by the state, and a church.

It is also the only park in Belgrade that has a creek and artificial lake. Topčiderska river flows beside the park, separating it from the lower part of Košutnjak.

Fun facts

  • Both Topčider and Košutnjak have their own train stations.
  • The name Topčider stems from the Turkish word topči – cannoneer and the Persian word der – valley. An artillery camp once stood there where the Turks cast cannons to attack Belgrade in 1521, during the siege of Belgrade. Later it became the favourite picnic ground of the pashas of Belgrade.


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Image by Sonjabgd, Wikipedia