Update (2015.): The ships have been removed due to the preparation of the project Belgrade Waterfront. The minesweeping boat SIP is being reconstructed and it will be converted into a fusion of nautical museum and culture/sports facility. Steamboat Župa has been moved upstream (near Belgrade Fair), and Dragor remains beside Gazela bridge.

More about SIP (Serbian Only): Brod SIP

Due to the negligence so common during the last 20 years, there’s a unique attraction at a quay between the Sava bridges, south of the Sava port, behind the main Bus & Train Station. This is a one of a kind dump yard  for old, abandoned ships. Some of these ships have quite a history – royal cruise ships, minesweepers and other forgotten treasures of the naval history of Belgrade and Serbia.

In another city, these would probably be protected in a museum, but here they lay out on the open, some in the water, and some on the shore, defying time, and moaning for the times gone by. Fortunately, there are rumors that a museum of the rivers and naval history will be constructed in Belgrade.

The most interesting ships

The oldest one is the steamboat Župa, a contemporary of the Titanic, with it’s chimney lying broken on it’s deck. It was “rediscovered” recently during the Mikser festival held nearby, and used as one of the exhibition stands, hoping to bring attention to the ship.


Župa steamboat by Teča sa Dunava, Panoramio

One of the most beautiful boats in Belgrade is the Krajina (Dragor) built in 1928. in Reggensburg (Germany)  as a royal yacht. During the WWII, it was abducted by NDH and presented to Bulgarian king Boris.  After the war it was returned and used for the needs of president Josip Broz Tito. In 2007 it caught fire, and since it’s been abandoned on the quay.

Krajina (Dragor) royal cruise ship

Krajina (Dragor) royal cruise ship

A couple hundred meters to the north, another important ship is stranded – the SIP minesweeper. What makes this ship interesting, besides it’s impressive size and engines, is it’s bottom made of concrete instead of metal, so that mines wouldn’t stick to it with their magnets.

SIP minesweeper boat

SIP minesweeper boat

More info [Serbian]: Beogradske priče: Olupina umesto kraljice | Novosti.rs

Tour map

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