Terazije is a central square in Belgrade and an extension of the Knez Mihailova Street. It is surrounded by architectural masterpieces from various epoques. The dominant ones are the hotels Balkan and Moskva, a secessionist jewel, Albanija palace, the tallest building in the Balkans at the time of it’s construction (1930’s). Classical palaces Atina, Igumanova, Krsmanovića (Protokol) and Asikuracioni Generali surround the square giving it a touch of nobility.

Terazije is crisscrossed by a network of underground passageways and shopping centers and lined up with many shops, cafes and restaurants.

Attractions near Terazije square

Balkanska street

This cozy but steep street located in the Savamala district in downtown Belgrade is probably the best location to go shopping for all kind of […]

Choomich Design District

Belgrade Design District

Also known as: Choomich Design District, Čumićevo Sokače Why visit: Design, Fashion, Shopping, Inspiration In 2010, a group of young designers set on a project […]

National Parliament of Serbia

Also known as: National Assembly, Skupština Why visit: Top landmark, history, surroundings. The Parliament palace in Belgrade was built in the early twentieth century, and […]

Zeleni Venac square

Zeleni Venac

Zeleni Venac is a large square, a major public transportation hub (towards New Belgrade and Zemun) and the most popular market in Belgrade. It is also the oldest green market still in function.


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