Smile&Ride organizes sightseeing scooter tours with the aim to visit the most important and interesting sights of our city, but in a completely different way.

Belgrade scooter tours City Hall


The tours are guided by licensed guides that are transmitting information to tourists through a communicator. The tourists are visiting a large number of significant locations, sights, historical and cultural monuments, and everything that makes our city interesting.
The tour begins at 13:00 in front of the Saint Sava Temple and lasts 4 to 4 and a half hours.

We also organize private scooter tours, entirely adjusted to the client’s needs.

The tours can be GPS navigated, meaning that our clients get a GPS device with pre-entered tours or, they can organize their city sightseeing in their own rhythm by simply using the GPS.

Finally, we offer the possibility of individual scooter rental, with the possibility of delivery at an agreed place.

Website: Rent a Scooter Belgrade