Update Nov 2017: „Smile in Belgrade“ no longer exists.

„Smile in Belgrade“ is an agency providing dental tourism services. We will make sure that beside gaining a Hollywood smile, you make many wonderful memories while visiting Belgrade.

„Smile in Belgrade“ is offering quality dental services to all foreign visitors of Belgrade at considerably lower prices than in their own countries. This way they can save up to 70% on their medical expenses while receiving high quality services from fully accredited and experienced medical teams.

Smile in Belgrade dental services

Our clients speak for us

„Smile in Belgrade“ works with dental teams who have provided affordable dental care for over 3000 patients from Serbia and abroad. They have been proving their excelence for over 20 years in the areas of endodontics, dental surgery, implantology, periodontology, aesthetic dentistry and fixed and mobile prothetics, as well as jaw orthopedics.

We provide a three-year guarantee on prothetics and implantology work and use high quality implant systems from Switzerland and Sweden.

More than million tourists visit the capital of Serbia every year and many of them come here to experience dental tourism. “Smile in Belgrade“ is here to ensure they get premium dental care and make exciting memories.

How it works

  • Client uses our online form to enter basic information and the description of the medical problem (Your data is classified and protected)
  • Within 24h we will reply with price range, duration and description of the procedure (100% no hidden costs)
  • Client chooses the dates of the visit and the procedure (Internationals get advantage over domestic patients)
  • We help with organizing the trip, accommodation, city tours etc. (Free pick up/drop off)