Smederevo is a town situated on the Danube river just 50 km east of Belgrade. Its most interesting feature is the medieval citadel of Djuradj Branković featuring remains of the city and royal palace.

Smederevo was built in the 15th century as the last capital of medieval Serbia and its last stand against the Turkish invasion. It was the largest medieval fortress in the country, defended by numerous massive towers.

The town square is another charming location in the city. It is surrounded by classical buildings such as the Town Hall and the County assembly, and lush green vegetation. The surroundings of Smederevo consist of beautiful green hills overlooking the Danube river and the vast Pannonian plain to the north.

Smederevo can be reached via the old smederevski road (continuation of Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra), or by the E75 Highway towards Niš.

Website: Tourism Organization of Smederevo

Photos of Smederevo fortress