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Belgrade segway tours

Segway Belgrade

Segways are small, light vehicles that are completely safe and permitted to use in pedestrian areas. They work on electricity and have intuitive controls that […]

Skadarlija, looking towards the center

Skadarska street (Skadarlija)

Belgrade’s hedonist quarter, Skadarlija was the gathering point for poets and artists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It connects the Republic square […]

Slavija square

The square is surrounded by the Slavija hotel, a shopping center, a park and a huge bank, among other buildings. There are also many bars, […]

Smile&Ride scooter tours

  The tours are guided by licensed guides that are transmitting information to tourists through a communicator. The tourists are visiting a large number of […]

St. Marko church from Bulevar

St. Marko church

Why visit: Architecture, Religion, Tsar Dušan, Tašmajdan park, Bulevar Also known as: Crkva svetog Marka Besides being one of the two largest and most imposing […]

Statue of the Victor overlooking Zemun

Statue of the Victor

Also known as: Pobednik, Statue of Victory The statue of the Victor is one of the most famous landmarks in Belgrade, located in the Belgrade […]

St. Mark church in Tašmajdan park, Belgrade

Tašmajdan park

Tašmajdan is the second largest park in downtown Belgrade, and one of the most important in the city both historically and in terms of attractions […]

Albanija Palace

Terazije square

Terazije is a central square in Belgrade and an extension of the Knez Mihailova Street. It is surrounded by architectural masterpieces from various epoques. The […]

Krajina (Dragor) royal yacht

The lost ships quay self-guided tour

Update (2015.): The ships have been removed due to the preparation of the project Belgrade Waterfront. The minesweeping boat SIP is being reconstructed and it […]

Milošev konak, Topčider park

Topčider park

Topčider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade, the so-called lungs of Belgrade, along with the larger Košutnjak park. The park is […]

Looking southwards

Ušće park

Ušće (meaning confluence, river mouth) is a wide range of places in the vicinity of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers: a shopping […]

Ušće Tower and Shopping Center

Ušće shopping & business center

The Ušće complex is made of Ušće tower, the tallest building in Belgrade, and Ušće shopping mall, the biggest mall in Serbia. While the mall […]

Vinča Archaeological site

Vinča archaeological site

Vinča (Belo brdo) is an archaeological site from the early neolithic period, that gave name to the culture that inhabited the Balkan peninsula and part […]

Vuk and Dositej Museum

Vuk and Dositej Museum

Vuk Karadžić Vuk was a reformer of the Serbian language, creator of the first modern Serbian dictionaries, collector of national folklore and poetry. Vuk’s legacy […]

Zeleni Venac square

Zeleni Venac

Zeleni Venac is a large square, a major public transportation hub (towards New Belgrade and Zemun) and the most popular market in Belgrade. It is also the oldest green market still in function.

Old Central European houses

Zemun old town

Why visit: History, Top landmarks and attractions, Great panoramic views, Culture, Walking,  People, Cafes… Also known as: Munze Once upon a time, Zemun was a […]

Lido beach from the Zemun quay

Zemun quay

Zemun quay is the most visited waterfront in Belgrade, connecting New Belgrade and Zemun Danube coasts.

Zemun town park

Unlike most other parks in Belgrade, Zemun town park is pretty integrated with the town. Inside this beautiful park there are a couple of elementary […]

Zepter Museum

Zepter museum

Serbia’s first private museum is an institution that holds numerous masterpieces of Serbian modern and contemporary artists. The museum was opened recently so it’s not […]

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