Beogradska Rolerijada - Belgrade inline skating competition

Join the family fun at Belgrade Rolerijada

The fifteenth inline skating competition known as Beogradska rolerijada will gather thousands of fans of this sport in numerous races around downtown on September 9. at […]

Belgrade Foam Fest 2012

Belgrade Foam Fest 2012

Belgrade Foam Fest prides itself on being the largest foam party in the world in which 18,000 people from all around the world dance together […]

Baskers in Belgrade

Belgrade Basker fest starts tonight

This year’s Basker (street entertainers) fest starts tonight August 2. at 20:00 with an opening ceremony at the central Republic square. The festival will take […]

Belgrade Boat Carnival

9th. Belgrade Boat Carnival 2012

The 9th Belgrade Boat Carnival will take place on 7.7.2012. at the Sava port near Brankov bridge. The slogan of this year’s manifestation is „Love […]

Belgrade Fish fest

Belgrade Fish fest on Danube quay

This year’s Fish fest will be held on Dorćol Danube quay, near Nebojša Tower from June 29. to July 1. The manifestation will be opened […]

Belgrade Calling Festival 2012

  The first music Festival “Belgrade Calling”, which hosts some of the most popular world music stars, Jessie J, The Cult, Faith No More, Ozzy […]

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