Savamala, the new cultural and clubbing destination

Savamala is a resurrecting elite neighborhood in the heart of Belgrade and the center of the capital’s cultural life, home to several new art galleries and cultural centers. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, showcasing spectacular architectural jewels, such as the Geozavod building, the Bristol hotel, Brankov bridge, as well as many palaces of the Serbian nobility from the 19th century.

Savamala is also the ultimate party destination for the young crowds, featuring many of the top  trending clubs in Belgrade, such as Brankow, Mladost, Ludost, Lasta and the brand new Peron club.

The main artery of Savamala is the Karađorđeva street, connecting the Belgrade fortress and port with the Sava square.

Brief history

When the Austrians conquered Belgrade fortress at the beginning of the 18th century, the inhabitants of Belgrade were moved outside the fortress and divided in two towns. A small town of Serbs emerged at the Sava river bank south of the fortress, while the Austrians and Germans settled at the Danube bank east of the fort, at Dorćol. The new Serbian town became known as Sava Mahala (Sava borough in Turkish).

During the reign of Knjaz Miloš Obrenović (19th century), the Belgrade commercial port was transferred from the Danube to the Sava, and Savamala became a borough of traders. By the end of the 19th century, numerous palaces and mansions were built at the location.

After WWII, the Serbian/Yugoslav elite disappeared, and Savamala fell into decadence. Most of the architectural masterpieces were never renewed, heavy traffic polluted the streets and Savamala became one of the saddest places in Belgrade.

A couple of years ago, the Belgraders started to rediscover this neighborhood and it’s cultural importance, and started promoting Savamala as the new cultural district of the city. After the Mikser festival moved to Savamala in 2012, and the opening of the Mikser House, the district experienced a cultural boom becoming a magnet for artists, hipsters, alternative crowds and the young cultural elite of the city and beyond.


Hotels in Savamala