Sava is the second largest river of Belgrade, much narrower but busier than the Danube. Together they form a spectacular delta in the middle of the city, overlooked by the famous Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan, and the less famous Zemun town.

Belgrade’s passenger port is located on the Sava river, as are most of the popular river clubs known as splavovi. The historic neighborhoods of Savamala and Kosančićev Venac are located on a hill by the Sava river. Several small piers and marinas are also located along this river.

A new feature on the Sava river is the Biser Nautical village in Boljevci, 35km from downtown Belgrade.

Sava was once the largest river flowing only through Yugoslavia, and is the third largest river flowing through Serbia (after the Danube and Tisa).

There are six bridges over the Sava river in the city zone connecting New Belgrade with the older city, and three more in the suburbs. The most famous are Brankov, Tram bridge and the newly built Ada bridge – the longest of it’s kind in the world.

Photos of Sava river