Why visit: Culture, History, People, Architecture, Completely different from Belgrade

Also known as: Serbian Athens, Gibraltar on the Danube (Petrovaradin fortress)

Apart from being Serbia’s “cultural capital”, Novi Sad is the second largest and one of the most beautiful Serbian cities. It is also the capital of Vojvodina province and it’s largest city, with a population of about 300.000 people.

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These are the top attractions in Novi Sad:

Petrovaradin Fortress

The largest in Serbia and one of the largest of it’s kind in the world, Petrovaradin fortress is the most important landmark of Novi Sad. This mighty fortress features a park, a 5 star hotel, a terrace with spectacular views of Novi Sad, the Danube and the surrounding plains of Vojvodina, as well as museums, galleries and a vast network of underground tunnels.

Petrovaradin Fortress is also the original location of Exit Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in Europe.

Downtown Novi Sad

Most of the landmarks are situated in the narrow zone of the city center and can be easily reached on foot. The most popular sight is the Catholic Cathedral, followed by the City House, Matica Srpska museum and the Synagogue.

Danube Park

The Danube park is one of the best kept parks in Serbia, and it’s a protected nature reserve, located in the center of Novi Sad, by the Danube river.

Spens arena

Spens is the second largest indoor sports arena and ice-hall in Serbia, as well as a commercial center with numerous shops and food stands.


Štrand (German: beach) is the most famous and oldest public beach in Serbia. During summer it is a popular destination from people from all across Serbia and the nearby countries. A couple of years ago, Štrand won the award for the best river beach in Europe.

Novi Sad Nightlife

Even though Belgrade is famous for it’s nightlife, many young Belgraders go to Novi Sad for clubbing. Some of the most famous Serbian nightclubs are located in Novi Sad. There’s even a street dedicated to nightlife with many bars and nightclubs in the center called Laze Telečkog.

Novi Sad Fair

Novi Sad Fair is one of the largest fairs in Southeast Europe. It is place of one of the largest agricultural fairs in Europe, which visit approx. 600,000 visitors annually and approx. a million visitors during the whole year on many exhibitions and fairs.

Photos of Novi Sad