Nikola Tesla (aka. Surčin) is currently the only international airport in Belgrade, and the largest one in Serbia, located about 15km west from the city center and about 60km from the city of Novi Sad. It is well connected with the most important airports of Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East. The airport has two terminals (T1 & T2), which are grouped together and connected.

The old terminal T1 features an interesting design from the sixties with a thematic mosaic inside. The Aeronautical museum, one of Belgrade’s most attractive museums is located near the terminals’ garage, offering an insight into the history and technology of aviation with an impressive collection of hundreds of airplanes, helicopters, missiles and other flying devices, the oldest aircraft being from 1912, and the most modern being the piece of the F117 (Stealth) shot down during the NATO bombing of 1999.

Car Rental at Nikola Tesla Airport

If you need to rent a car (or van or minibus), there are seveal national and intrenational agencies on the airport, located at Terminal 2. Check their websites and prices here.

Website: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

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Getting here & Location

Nikola Tesla airport is easily reachable by the E75 & E70 highways, or by the Surčinska street from New Belgrade. It can be reached by GSP (City bus) line 72, JAT Minibus or taxi.

Taxi transport from Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade to destinations within the teritory of Belgrade is charged a fixed price depending on the destination zone. A fixed price confirmation is needed, and can be taken at the taxi info desk located near the exit at the arrivals terminal. Here you can find the map of taxi fare zones from the airport.

There are also agencies that offer airport shuttle services by car, van or limo, such as:

DeLuxe taxi, (Serbian only)