The point of this website is to help you meet Belgrade and plan your trip according to your preferences and needs. Here’s a thematic guide to Belgrade that should offer something for everyone.

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Belgrade is a unique mix of oriental, western and traditional Balkan architecture. It ranges from medieval and baroque, through Neobyzantine, Art Deco and Bauhaus to Moderne masterpieces and contemporary architecture.


Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe with over 7.000 years of history. However, most of the physical remains are either hidden or destroyed, or still underground. This is probably your best guide to Belgrade’s history.

Activities & Adventure

Feeling the adrenaline rush? Don’t worry, you won’t get bored in Belgrade. There are many activities you can do here, from bungee jumping, extreme sports, to paintball, carting and mountain biking, there’s plenty of entertainment for an active vacation.


Coming to Belgrade with your family? Here you can learn about entertainment and activities for the whole family, for kids, and for the seniors, along with some practical advices.

As a local

Go beyond the beaten path and discover Belgrade as it’s citizens see it. Discover some less famous streets, markets, parks and stores.

Short visit

If you’re staying in Belgrade just for a day, two or three, it’s a pity. But don’t worry, we got turbo plans for you to get the most of your city break and discover the city.

River cruises

Belgrade lays on the Danube and Sava rivers, with several islands, and the river cruises offer a refreshing way to discover the city. The most beautiful parts of the city can be seen from the rivers.

Discover Serbia

Belgrade is located in two large European regions: the Balkan peninsula and the Panonian plain, divided by the rivers that meet in the city. The lush green hills surrounding the southern and eastern part, and the endless plain to the north and west are home to many recreation areas, interesting sights, towns and villages. Here you can find some ideas for awesome excursions in Serbia, featuring roman and medieval fortresses, towns, villages and spas, breathtaking landscapes, adrenaline boosting adventures and more.


Our shopping guide takes you to the local markets, the flea market, popular shopping zones, local custom stores, international brand stores, shopping centers and mega-malls, with an approximate price guide.


In the past few years, Belgrade has become an ultimate clubbing destination, one of the most popular in Europe. Some even call it the Eastern Ibiza. Find out which are the best clubs, the type of music they offer, their dress code and more.


Keep in shape, relax and feed your body and soul at one of many Belgrade’s SPA & wellness centres.


Even though not very famous as a summer destination, Belgrade is very hot in Summer, in every sense of the word. From relaxing on one of it’s beaches or pools surrounded by beautiful people, to enjoying numerous daily events and hot music festivals during the night, Belgrade offers unforgettable summer vacations experiences.


Unfortunately, not really much. There’s still much to be done, but there are some things and places handicapped people can explore and do easily.