Kosančićev venac is a jewel hidden in the heart of the city, definitely worth visiting, though many Belgraders wouldn’t remember it if you ask them what should you see.

It is a historical neighborhood in Downtown Belgrade, part of the Savamala district. It spans from Kalemegdan park to Brankova street, and from the Cathedral to Brankov bridge and the Sava port. It is a preserved 19th (and early 20th) century urban neighborhood with cobblestone streets, beautiful houses and several larger and smaller staircases, 2 or 3 of them leading to Karadjordjeva street and the Sava river front.

Kosančićev Venac from Brankov bridge

Kosančićev Venac and Karađorđeva street from Brankov bridge, La Santa de Beograd mural

Lagumi (cave-storehouses) in Karađorđeva

In Karađorđeva, at the bottom of the slopes there are several caves called “lagumi” that were used in Turkish times as storage facilities, with a climate suitable for preserving goods traded at the adjacent port. Recently, one of them was converted into a trendy wine bar. These caves also feature an endemic species of blind white spiders.

Ruins of the National library

Ruins of the National library


The most important historical and cultural highlights of Kosančićev Venac include:

  • The orthodox Cathedral and Patriarchal palace (in front of the Cathedral) with it’s academy and museum
  • Kralj Petar I elementary school (the oldest school in Belgrade).
  • “Znak Pitanja (Question Mark)” kafana.
  • The palace of Princess Ljubica,
  • Ruins of the old Serbian National library
  • Belgrade’s Art University rectorate with the Faculty of applied arts.

Photos of Kosančićev venac

Location of Kosančićev venac

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