Despite the distance, it’s easy to keep in touch with your friends, family or business partners while in Belgrade. Whether you prefer the state of the art technology or a more traditional approach, here’s some essential info on the best and cheapest ways of communication.

By telephone

The international calling code for Serbia is +381, and the area code for Belgrade is (0)11. So for calling the number 123 4567, you would have to dial +381 11 123 4567.

To call abroad from Serbia you have to dial the exit code first – 00, followed by the country code:

Australia – 61
Austria – 43
Belgium – 32
Brazil – 55
Canada – 1
China – 86
France – 33
Germany – 49
Greece – 30
India – 91
Ireland – 353
Israel – 972
Italy – 390
Japan – 81
Netherlands – 31
Norway – 47
Poland – 48
Russia – 7
Spain – 34
Sweden – 46
Switzerland – 41
USA – 1

Find more Country and Exit Codes here.

Public phones

You can find the red public phone posts all over downtown, and use one of the cards

Halo cards (Halo kartice) are used to make calls from public telephone boxes. The price, which also represents the amount of credit available for making calls, is printed on the card.

HaloPlus is a prepaid international telephone call card which allows users to make international calls to fixed-line telephones for significantly discounted prices at any time of the day. International calls with the HaloPlus card can be made from any fixed-line telephone by following the instructions on the back. There are three kinds of HaloPlus card, depending on the location called:

for the countries of the former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia

  • for European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • for the rest of the world: Australia, Canada and the United States of America

The InoCall service allows residential subscribers to make international fixed-line and mobile phone calls at favourable prices. These subscribers need to buy InoCall vouchers or cards and can then make international calls from a mobile phone, a fixed-line telephone with tone dialling or from a public telephone.

Telephone cards can be bought in all Telekom Srbija branches, over the counter in post offices, from kiosks and at other retail outlets.

Source: National Tourism Organization of Serbia

Mobile networks

There are three mobile operators in Serbia: – MT:S, Telenor and VIP Mobile. They all have reciprocal arrangements with most European mobile providers, so if you are coming from Europe check it out.


There are plenty of internet cafes and many others that have a WIFI zone. There are also free WIFI zones in almost all downtown parks. Most hotels are partially or completely covered by wireless signal.


If you prefer a more traditional way of communication, such as a postcard or letter, Serbian post system – PTT will deliver your message. They are a bit slow though, so if you’re on a short stay, you might get back home before your postcard arrives.

You can also opt for the Express service, but it’s significantly more expensive, specially if sending heavier objects.

PTT offers a wide range of services, you can learn more about them at