• Address:Trg Nikole Pašića 11; Residence of Prince Miloš in Topčider:  Rakovički put bb
  • Working hours: Every day except Mondays: October 1 – April 1: 11-16; April 1 – October 1: 10-17
  • Web: Historical Museum of Serbia


The Serbian history museum owns a significant collection of objects related to historical events and personalities of Serbia and the Serbs. Same as the national museum, from time to time there are some minor expositions in a gallery or two.

According to its concept, the Museum’s primary mission is to collect, register, preserve, handle, study and exhibit the materials related to the Serbian people and Serbia from ancient times to the present. Chronologically, the subject matter of the Museum, which covers all important processes of the development of the Serbian entity, with particular stress on the periods for national liberation, is divided into several parts: Middle Ages, period of foreign domination, period from 1804 to 1918, after World War One period, period of the National Liberation War 1941-1945 and postwar development of Serbia.

For its exceptional contribution to the development of culture in Serbia and Pan Serbian cultural space, the Museum was awarded the Vuk’s prize in 1997.