Here’s a list of the most interesting streets and squares in central Belgrade. Several streets have changed their names in the past ten years, so in order to avoid confusion, take a look at our chart of streets with changed names, or on the page of a particular street/square.


Knez Mihailova street

Knez Mihailova - Prince Michael's streetThe city’s main promenade connects Kalemegdan with the central Republic and Terazije squares, featuring major cultural institutions, as well as a shopping zone.


Kralja Petra (King Peter’s)

Kralja Petra is one of the most important streets in Dorćol, Connecting the lower town with Knez Mihailova street. It is home to numerous arts and crafts shops, and some cultural institutions such as the Art University rectorate or the Jewish center. It was the most important street in the city by the end of the 19th century.



Strahinjića Bana (a.k.a. Silicon Valley)

The top clubbing and cafe street featuring state of the art cafes and restaurants during the day and bars and nightclubs during the night. It’s one of the greenest streets in the city, and it is located in the centra Dorćol district.


Terazije Square

TerazijeThe Terazije square is very close to the Republic square, at the end of Knez Mihailova street. It’s unique architecture including several palaces in various styles, along with it’s shopping offers and the vicinity of other attractions makes it a very important attraction of the city.

King Aleksandar boulevard

King Aleksandar boulevard, or just Bulevar  is the largest street in urban Belgrade, stretching over 7 km from the city center to the Zvezdara district in the east. Along the boulevard, there are numerous monumental buildings, several parks and squares and manjor university buildings. It is one of the largest shopping zones in the city.

The Ćirilo and Metodije (Saints Cyril and Methodius) park, aka. Vukov Spomenik

This is both a park and a square, wearing the name of the two saints that Christianized the Serbs, though most people know it as Vukov Spomenik (monument to Vuk Karadžić), or simply Vuk. It is surrounded by faculties of the Belgrade university and great architecture, and features the most awe-inspiring metro station in Belgrade (the metro system is pretty much incomplete). It is located at the intersection of King Aleksandar boulevard and Queen Marija street running in one direction, and Roosevelt’s street (Ruzveltova) in the other.

Kralja Milana

Kralja Milana - King Milan streetKralja Milana is the central street running from the Terazije square to Slavija, one of the largest and most important squares and traffic nodes in Belgrade. It runs parallel to Bulevar.


Slavija squareAs mentioned above, Slavija is one of the largest squares in Belgrade, surrounding a rotunda with probably the most chaotic traffic in the city, blending trams, trolleys, buses and cars in a never ending mess. On Slavija six streets come together in one spot. The square is surrounded by a hotel, a shopping center, a park and a huge bank, among other buildings.

Liberation Boulevard (Bulevar Oslobodjenja)

Bulevar Oslobodjenja (previously known as Bulevar JNA – Yugoslav National Army Boulevard) is the second largest street in Belgrade, connecting Slavija square with the southern suburbs, and passing by St. Sava temple, one of the most important landmarks of the city.

Nemanjina street

NemanjinaThe most imposing government buildings line up along Nemanjina street, a beautiful avenue that runs from the Slavija Square downhill to the Main Railway Station.

Kneza Miloša

Kneza MilosaThis street is home to numerous embassies and a quick connection of the center to the main highway and the woods and neighborhoods on the south. It runs from the National Parliament to the highway intersection known as Mostar.


Nowadays polluted by heavy traffic, Karadjordjeva street is the center of the Savamala (Sava town) district, once the habitat of the cremme de la cremme of Belgrade society. The street connects the Main Railway Station and the spacious Sava square around it with the Belgrade Port, Kalemegdan park and Zeleni Venac square (connected by large cobblestone stairs). Many spectacular though neglected palaces and houses border the street.

Zeleni Venac

Zeleni cenac (Green garland) is a large square in central Belgrade, about 200 meters from the Knez Mihailova street. It features the oldest and most popular green market in the city, as well as the main public transportation hub for New Belgrade and Zemun.