Dorćol is a neighborhood in the very center of Belgrade, and one of it’s oldest parts, situated just beside Kalemegdan fortress, and on the Danube waterfront. The lower Dorćol town developed on the long road towards the east (modern day Cara Dušana street) during the middle ages, and at some point in history joined the upper Dorćol which was already populated in Roman times.

Nowadays Dorćol is kind of an open air museum of the times gone by, with several scattered monuments from the Turkish and Austrian era, as well as some modern architecture masterpieces.

Dorćol is also the place with most cafes and restaurants in Belgrade.

The oldest house in Belgrade

The oldest preserved house in Belgrade is located in this neighborhood, at Cara Dušana 10. It dates from the early 18th century, when it was part of a complex of 4 identical houses connected with the fortress by a series of underground tunnels. Nowadays it hosts a bakery and a glass smith.

Upper Dorćol shopping zone

Upper Dorćol is particularly interesting for those looking for antique and art accessories, high-end boutiques and traditional DIY and craft shops.

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