The most famous attraction in Belgrade is the Danube river, here known as Dunav. Since ancient times, Belgrade has been tied with the second largest European river, a vital transportation way connecting it with Europe, providing food and standing as a natural frontier against invaders from the North, and an inspiration for the artists that lived and created in Belgrade.

There are several quays, parks and recreational areas along the shores of the Danube river, which nowadays serves mainly for leisure.

The Danube in Serbia 2010Several cruising companies operating on the Danube stop at Belgrade and there are organized boat cruises in the urban part of the river. The northern shore is mainly covered by forests, while the southern is split in two – Zemun and Old Belgrade (Dorćol, the harbor, Ada Huja and Višnjica).

There are many lovely towns and cities worth visiting on the Danube, not too far from Belgrade, such as Vinča, Smederevo, Sremski Karlovci, and Novi Sad.

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Photos of the Danube river in Belgrade