The official name of Belgrade’s largest flea market is Otvoreni Tržni Centar (Open trade Center), yet most people know it as Buvljak.

While it’s not a classic flea market with second hand goods, it is usually cheaper to buy here than in stores around the city, so most citizens buy whatever they can here. At Buvljak you can find practically anything, from clothes, things for the home and garden, to toys, hardware or school stuff.

There are also several fast food stands bordering the market. Just above Buvljak is the Novi Beograd railway station, serving local, regional and international trains.

Location and getting here

Tram: 7, 9, 11, 13 (Železnička Stanica Novi Beograd)

Bus: 95 (Železnička Stanica Novi Beograd)

Metro: Novi Beograd