Brankov most (bridge) is the most famous bridge in Belgrade, the one that connects the old center with the New Belgrade center. It is visible from both Kalemegdan and Ušće parks and easily reached from downtown.

It is also one of the oldest bridges in Belgrade. Its pillars remain from the old King Aleksandar bridge destroyed in WWII, while the new span was built after the war.

Beside being one of the main road connections between the two major parts of the city, it is also a walking path with unique views towards the old town and the Savamala district.

It is believed that the first Roman stone bridge that connected Singidunum (Belgrade) and Taurunum (Zemun) was located where Brankov bridge is located today.

A legend about the name of the bridge

Legend has it that the name comes from a poet named Branko who killed himself jumping from this bridge, but it actually comes from the adjacent Brankova street in which another important poet named Branko lived.

Photos of Brankov Bridge

Location of Brankov Bridge