Working hours:  09.00 – 19.00 (Open May 1. – November 1.)

The botanical garden of Belgrade – Jevremovac, is an urban oasis near the city center. It was founded in 1874 by decree of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Serbia, at the suggestion of Mr. Josif Pančić, the most renowned Serbian botanist, who became it’s first manager. In 1889, King Milan Obrenović donated the estate (inherited from his grandfather named Jevrem) to the Great School in Belgrade for the purpose of construction of the Botanical Garden, provided it is named “Jevremovac”. It exists to this day at the same location and under the same name.

The Botanical garden covers an area of 5 hectares, housing over 250 species of local, European and exotic plants. Besides the open space, the arboretum covers the Green house and the Institute for Botanic premises. (administrative building, herbarium, library, lecture hall, laboratories).

The famous green house, built in 1892, covers the area of 500 m2. At the time of its construction it was one of the biggest and most beautiful green houses in this part of Europe. Numerous tropical and sub-tropical plants are being nursed, such as the Phoenix Canariensis, Chamaerops Humilis, and Cereus Peruvinianus among others.

The library of the Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and the most abundant one in this area. Apart from 200 scientific and professional magazines it also accommodates over 6,000 books.