Belgrade underground is way more than a network of tunnels, bunkers, warehouses and galleries. It’s a network of mysteries, the remains of civilizations that left their footprint in Belgrade, clues that can’t be seen above the ground.

This thrilling tour is one of the newest and definitely most interesting tours in Belgrade, that will give you a totally new perspective of Belgrade.

Belgrade underground tour

The tour starts at the Roman hall of Belgrade city library and visiting the most important sites of the Belgrade underground.

The tour is lead by the authors of Beograd ispod Beograda (Belgrade under Belgrade), a book that tells the story about Belgrade underground, covering many of the secrets unknown to the general public, and the myths that surround the countless underground tunnels that allegedly cover entire Belgrade, and even connect it with Zemun.

Ruins of medieval Belgrade

Tour with English speaking guide

Tour Operator: Go2Serbia & Eurojet
Tour start: Tuesday: 10:00, Thursday: 17:30, Saturday: 12:00, Sunday 14:00
Duration: 120 min
Price: 1400 RSD (12€). Includes: entrance to 4 selected places, wine brunch and professional tour guide

Starting point: 11. Gračanička Street


More info & photo: TOB

Photos from the tour: Tina thinks blog