The Turtle Boat is a tourist attraction in itself. It’s unique shape allows passengers to experience the loveliness of Belgrade in all weather conditions.

Our boat is one of its kind. Constructed so it would resemble a turtle, but why you might be wondering. As a matter of fact, its primary purpose was to become a part of an experience under the waterfalls at Plitvice in Croatia. Unfortunately, it never made it that far. Nevertheless, its destiny was to stay in Belgrade and become one of its trademarks. It has been in business for over 12 years. It can comfortably accommodate up to 45 passengers (the minimum number of passengers needed is 15).

Tour Info

Our primary offer includes daytime, sunset and evening cruises all year round, regardless of weather conditions (unless cruising’s been prohibited by the authorities). The time we set sail is dependent on the season.


The price of a regular ticket (per person) is 1500 RSD for adults, 750 RSD for children between the ages of 7 and 14, and for toddlers and infants the cruise is free.


This is a 90-minute-long sightseeing cruise on the legendary rivers of Belgrade. We sail between the Old and New side of Belgrade. During the cruise you can see the majestic Kalemegdan fortress, the Great War island, admire the municipality of Zemun, see all of the bridges on the Sava river, and so much more.

These are tours with live tour guides (English, Serbian or Polish on demand).

On board we offer drinks (wine, beer, a soft drink, mineral or reguar water along with a complimentary special rakija and authentic domestic coffee) and homemade snacks. The prices of these are not included in the regular ticket. On that note, we offer a premium ticket (for online bookings, thus the prices are in EUR) which is 23 EUR for adults and 17.5 for children.

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Private Cruises on the Turtle:

The Turtle Boat private cruises offer a unique, private floating venue on the beautiful rivers of Belgrade.

We have years of experience in hosting:

  • corporate hospitality
  • wedding celebrations
  • wedding anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • reunions

The price of renting the Turtle boat is 150 EUR for an hour (regardless of the number of passengers, for the sake of comfort and safety we do not allow more than 50 people on board).

In this offer we’re prepared to accommodate to any needs of our clients, in terms of drinks, food, music, the time and date of the cruise(or anything else), those add-ons are to be paid for separately and the price depends entirely on the specifics provided by the customer. The itinerary itself is also customizable. A tour guide is not provided unless the customer asks for one (also an additional cost).

We have another smaller boat, which we rent out to couples or smaller groups (up to 8 people). The price for this one is 100 EUR per hour. (the same goes for this one as for the Turtle in terms of additional costs).

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