The port of Belgrade is located in the Savamala district, on the Sava river, just below Kosančićev Venac and the Orthodox cathedral of the St. Archangel Michael.

Actually, what we call the port of Belgrade is the international passenger terminal, and it’s surrounding plateau and park.

On one side of the port is Brankov bridge, behind it lies Kosančićev Venac, which is connected to the port by various staircases, on the other side is a freshly reconstructed riverfront recreational center called Beton Hala, and behind it is Kalemegdan, Belgrade’s central park and fortress.

The port comes alive every spring, as the main gateway of many Danube cruiser travelers to the city, and goes to sleep in the beginning of the winter, when the cruising season is closed due to ice on the rivers. During the last ten years, more and more boats and ships land in the port.

Besides the port, the whole downtown Sava waterfront serves as a harbor, and there’s also a cargo harbor on the Danube, and another one in Pančevo (nearby town), the last sea ships harbor on the Danube.

Belgrade boat carnival

Belgrade boat carnival takes place in the port zone for a day every summer. On that day hundreds if not thousands of boats from Belgrade, other Serbian cities and groups from all over the world take part in the colorful and loud parade unique to this city, while other hundreds of people watch them from the port, from the bridge, and from the Ušće park across the river.

Events at Belgrade port


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